Walking Rugby comes to Seaford Rugby Football Club

By Gwen Cambridge

Seaford Rugby Football Club

Are you an avid rugby fan? Is it a game you have always wanted to try and never had the opportunity or fitness to do so? Or maybe you want to add some light exercise into your life and rugby sounds appealing to you? Do you feel isolated or feel that you need to be more social but need a friendly place to go where no-one will judge you for your weight or disability? If any of the answers to the above questions are yes then you may be interested in our new game of Walking Rugby.

What is Walking Rugby?

Walking rugby is a fun team game that is accessible to people of both genders, all ages and abilities.  Whether you are an established player or you are new to the sport.  Walking Rugby is a much simpler version of the traditional rugby game.  Less physical than a standard game of rugby the aim is to participate, compete and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

How many players are on the team? Depending on the ability of the players there are normally between five and ten players per team.

How long does a game last? Each match is played in four quarters, each lasting up to five minutes, with one-minute breaks in between to allow for rehydration and to encourage team coaching.

Are the teams mixed? Yes teams will be a mixture of men and woman.

Is a normal rugby ball used? Players will use an international rugby ball size 4, fully inflated.  If played indoors, a hard foam ball or a beach rugby ball may be used.

Is Walking Rugby played indoors or outdoors? The game can be played indoors or outdoors.

What surface is Walking Rugby played on? Walking Rugby can be played on grass, hard court or sport hall surfaces.

What are the benefits of Walking Rugby? The benefits include keeping fit and agile with a light exercise that is not to demanding.

Social isolation can be a real problem for such a lot of people..  Being a member of our social club, which is all the payment we will want as a promotion (which is £25 a year) you will benefit from being part a team and a social club.  We will be showing the autumn internationals and the Six Nations at the club, You can sit down at the end of a game and enjoy soup and bread in the clubhouse with other team members and socialise.  As we are in partnership with the SCDA you will be able to utilise all their different activities as well.

Come and give us a “try”. Starts on 2nd December.  Contact Andrew Cambridge on 07724 240279, email: seafordwalkingrugby@outlook.com, visit our website www.seafordrfc.club or come down on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning to have a look for yourself.  All spectators welcome.

Walking rugby presented by Andrew and Gwen Cambridge.