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We all are used to hearing about all the wonderful goddesses that are spoken about or portrayed in books, films, articles including the screen goddesses from film and media. However, do we know about the ways that they live, their beliefs, how they look after themselves? How we can ask them for their help in many aspects of our lives? Below is a little about them and 10 ways you can find and honour the goddess within you. If you would like to know more about them and how to Walk The Way of The Goddess then you may be interested in the workshop on the 11th September at Karma Violet, here in Eastbourne. The details are at the end of the article.

Ancient Goddess traditions understood and honoured the many gifts of the divine feminine, and learning how to use these gifts to honour ourselves is a great way to find your ~Inner Goddess.

In our modern world we live at such a fast past that it is easy to lose sight of who we really are and lose touch of our inner femininity. The world now is so competitive and everyone strives to the best at what they do and to be bigger and better than everyone else and although to some extent we need to keep up with the pace, we also need time for the gentler side of ourselves. We need to balance the Yang with the Ying, the feminine side of us. The nurturer, the healer the magical side of us all.

Make time for you

Making time for you and taking back your feminine power is a great way to get back in touch with yourself. Doing a morning meditation, an exercise class or spending time in the garden in nature are lovely ways to get back to you. Allowing yourself to leave household chores for a while or taking an hour or two away from your busy work schedule or computer, having an  afternoon nap  can benefit you in so many ways.


Allowing ourselves to receive love, compliments, a helping hand or a gift is the essence of feminine energy, enabling us to live in the flow instead of frustration. Living in the flow allows the Universe to send you more of the same, therefore next time someone offers you a compliment or support, smiling and saying Thank you is an invitation to the Universe to continue sending more for you. The more you receive the more that you are able to give. Also asking for help not struggling to get everything done yourself is another  way of allowing yourself to receive so next time you have too much to do just ask for help remembering it’s another way of receiving and realigning with your inner goddess.

Surround Yourself With Beauty

In your home or a special place surround yourself with beautiful things to honour your inner goddess turning it into a sacred space or a goddess sanctuary. Clearing the space of any negativity and calling in your Angels and Goddesses adding such things as crystals, natures gifts such as acorns, conkers, pebbles from the beach, sea shells or other natural things from Mother Earth in fact anything that makes you feel good and heightens your senses and your spirit including oils, Incense, lamps. Have pictures on the wall of goddesses, have figurines, pictures that uplift and make you feel good. Let every part of your home or sacred space leave your inner goddess feeling happy and blessed and knowing the goddess that you are.

Dream Big

Our dreams and desires are conceived with love and we support and nurture them as we would support babies in our wombs with love and tenderness. The Goddess approach to manifesting our desires is to nurture them while they are still ideas and daydreams. Spending quiet time alone with ourselves and connecting with our inner vision and guidance, we nurture and manifest them into reality by working from a place of joy and trust. This allows divine timing to take place and dreams and desires manifest in perfect ways and in perfect time

Take Time to Smell The Roses

The way of the Goddess is taking time to appreciate life as it happens, not rushing around doing a dozen things at once. Mindfulness is now a popular lifestyle choice and is in keeping with the goddess ways. In our busy world and lives, it is not always possible to live in mindfulness at all times. It is a good idea to spend some of the day with Mindfulness for our wellbeing as well as contacting our inner goddess. Mindfulness can help with anxiety, depression, lowers blood pressure and much more. Why not try inhaling the aroma of your morning coffee, and savouring every sip, eating a piece of chocolate letting it melt in your mouth, walking slowly and noticing the beautiful flowers, trees, small animals, butterflies and birds and enjoy the beautiful sights.

Love Your Body

Aphrodite had small breasts, a soft belly and full hips. Her huntress niece goddess Artemis was lanky and lean. Do you think they apologised for their shapes? No they didn’t. They were proud of their bodies, they were Goddesses and knew they possessed their Divine Feminine gifts, be they love or tenacity. We all need to embrace our own bodies as a beautiful, sacred vessel for our spirit to experience itself and treat it with the love and reverence it deserves. Try it out with a flow sequence. These flow sequences are based on the goddess Lakshmi, who represents beauty and abundance. You can find out more about Goddess Lakshmi at one of the Goddess Workshops

Live From The Heart

We all lead busy stressful lives and that can stop us from being the gentle naturally feeling beings that we truly are. This can impair us from hearing the true voice of our hearts which is the source of our happiness. By placing your hands on your chest and resting your awareness in this sacred space we can reconnect to our Divine Heart.  Within our Divine Heart, the mind’s constant activity will surrender to the heart’s calm clarity, leading you to live in greater faith and deeper love

Connect With Mother Nature

Spending time with Mother Earth will instantly connect us to her divine energy. Walking barefoot on the grass and lying on the ground feeling the earth below our hands and bodies with re-energise and re-vitalise you. Releasing all your cares to Mother Earth for healing and transmutation. Allowing her to hold you in her loving embrace and fill you with maternal love and healing. Doing this regularly will help you become a strong and grounded goddess in your own world.

Honour Your Boundaries

Although we try to please everyone we must remember to love ourselves enough to learn to say no to draining demands. Bless and release toxic relationships and patterns while keeping the lessons and growth. Stand firm in the power of an authentic no. A goddess isn’t a superwoman who does it all, but a happy woman who does only what she wants and values.

Infuse your life with ritual

Goddess traditions are full of legends and rituals and as rituals invoke deep meanings and sacred acts to our daily lives. We can Invite extra blessings into our daily activities by turning them into mini ceremonies. Starting to meditate on a daily basis is good way to feel calm and inner peace and will help to receive guidance from your favourite Goddess. Making a Sacred Space on a table or an altar where you can have crystals, candles, statuettes of a Goddess, Angel or even a Buddha, burn incense, play music and offer flowers. This will promote a feeling of peace, goodwill and inner harmony.

I hope that you try some of the ways to find your inner Goddess.

If you would like some more information about the Goddess Workshop on the 11th September from 10.30am to 15.30pm please contact me.

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